Nieuwe online shop zet zelfzorg voor (aanstaande) mama's centraal

New online shop puts self-care for (expectant) mums centre stage

Babies... As incredibly beautiful and cute as they may be, there is a bit more emphasis on mums at Wowwy. Right from the announcement of pregnancy, everyone focuses mainly on the baby to come. But how is mum herself actually doing?

Pregnancy is something magical, knowing that as a mum you will be taking care of your baby from then on. But pregnancy can also be tough at the same time - both literally and figuratively - which makes future mums sometimes have to get used to all the changes. This is one of the reasons why Wowwy was founded. That is, they offer gift packages to pamper expectant mums, allowing them to mentally and physically relax and re-energise, in order to fully refocus on the joyous arrival of their baby.

"We believe that every expectant and new mother has unique needs and that self-care during this period is crucial. We have made that our mission. Our gift boxes and products are carefully selected to support mums during and just after the period of pregnancy," says the founder.

Wowwy has recently officially launched in Belgium and the Netherlands and is currently offering free shipping on all orders. So if you are looking for a unique gift for a baby shower, a gift for your pregnant wife/girlfriend, or if you are pregnant yourself and want to treat yourself to something nice, be sure to check out Wowwy's luxurious gift boxes at or
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